Can you get blacklisted from a Library?

I was out until midnight last night with a bunch of girls I met at the 2014 Go Blog Social conference. (MIDNIGHT! I’m wild!) The whole conference started out like the first day of high school and ended like the last night of college. I promise I will post about all of it with lots of pretty pictures of pretty girls in pretty clothes! For now I’ll get caught up on the past week…

Thursday we went to storytime at the library, as we often do. If you are a Facebook follower you may remember me posting a little anecdote a few months ago about how the librarian hostily told me to lower my voice, then as we were leaving past her desk, Avery ripped the K off of a display board leaving it to say “Fall in love with a Boo_” (it was a good one!) Rather than smile or assure us she could fix it, the woman visibly cringed. Like, purposely letting us know that we were so annoying that it was physically affecting her. It was the rudest.

I understand thinking Avery and I are annoying, but how could you be rude to this little Petunia?

So cut to last week when the regular story lady was out. Guess who subbed? And it’s not my bias talking here (it’s always my bias talking) but it was not going well for her. She had flop sweat. This was highlighted by the fact that 60 seconds into it, Avery turned to me from the front row and said calmly but with conviction, “Mommy, I am NOT HAVING this. I do not like this woman.” 

I was mor-ti-fied. And so proud. Of all the phrases I use, she chooses to repeat “not having this.” If this is her at age 2, we are in for a wild ride!

Here are some recent family adventures! Overalls are back IN, and Avery and Savvy are all over that trend as you can see from our family day out eating and playing in Park Place, then shopping at Town Center in Leawood.



More soon on the blog conference! And the pageant! And I have an exciting trip planned! Oh my!



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