Happy Home: Tuesday Morning

I figured out a way to kick a nasty case of the Mondays yesterday when I discovered a new happy place. It’s a store called Tuesday Morning. The best way I can describe it is a mix between Home Goods and the Dollar Store. I walked in skeptical and instantly fell in love. I left with a few gorgeous things and a really long wishlist!

Here are some of my fun finds! (And flower arrangements! I recently took a class on this lost art form at Pepperologie with Emmy Ray. If you want more tips from the pro, see her blog Handmaker of Things)

Last week I tried my hand at flower-arranging using the skills I learned at the Pepperologie class.

Technique I learned at Pepperologie: Start around the edges and work your way in.

Added four roses, a sprig of babies breath and voila!


I specifically used only the pink roses to make a small, monochromatic arrangement.

Then I trimmed and rearranged the rest of the flowers to look like this.

At Tuesday Morning, I found this white ceramic pineapple statue (a symbol of hospitality) and fresh citrus candle to go on this bright, beautiful tray. I have it on my island as a little eye candy that will hopefully deter us from cluttering it up with junk mail!

The Candle, Pineapple and Tray were all a STEAL at Tuesday Morning.

My next purchase was a pair of table lamps to add a little bit of drama to my dining room. 

I found a similar style online (which I don’t even like as much) HERE. It is listed as a “hot deal” at the low price of $262. 

These gorgeous lamps were a whopping $29 bucks each at Tuesday Morning! 

I’ve always loved walking into a big fancy hotel and seeing a table with a huge, gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers. Even though I have a normal-sized house in Kansas, I think this sweet little flower arrangement on my entryway table makes just as delightful of an impact! These were also taken from the deconstructed larger flower arrangement I did last week.

Since I’m having a party this week, I used some of the leftover flowers from the larger arrangement to make a bright little bouquet for the powder room. I hope these little details make guests feel happy and welcome!

To make these smaller arrangements, I used  these gorgeous crystal orb vases…

 Just kidding! They’re just from the Dollar Tree! Love that store!

Hope your home feels happy today!


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