Hats and Hammer Pants: Go Blog Social 2014

My friend Lisa told me about this blog conference in KC so I decided that I should go and pick up a few tips. Walking into the Berg Event Space was oddly like walking into the first day of sorority recruitment or pageant orientation. These girls were turning. it. out.


There were floral print kimonos, kitten vests, hammer pants, wedge sneakers and lots of hats. I felt very conservative in my jeans and blazer. I quickly learned that the ones I thought must be fashion bloggers (because they were so put together) were actually food or design bloggers, and the ones who had really bold, unique (and totally unapplicable to my lifestyle) outfits were the fashion bloggers.


As the weekend went on, I slowly started to pick up on the fact that there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of savvy, funny, lovely, down-to-earth women out there who are serious experts on blogging, design, analytics and social media. I already knew I would be amateur hour; I am a mom who has a blog. These women are Bloggers. In hindsight I’m really glad I went into it as a completely blank slate because I learned so much from these smart and gorgeous women and I may have been intimidated had I known how big some of them are “in the blog world.” I got to go to a special program called Pepperologie in River Market where I learned floral design, which is something I have wanted to know for so long! I can’t wait to start posting when I make new arrangements!


The experience made me even MORE appreciative of you (you gorgeous thing, you) because you have so many wonderful options to read and you choose me as one of them. So look out because I am INSPIRED and I don’t want to let you down. Lots of exciting changes to come! I sincerely thank you for reading. I’ll be doing a reader survey so keep an eye out for it!





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