Keeping it real (mommy midsections edition)

Whenever a girl tells me that she reads my blog, she almost always mentions that her favorite post is Fit Pregnancy Tips. When I wrote it, I was apprehensive of how it would be received because it’s such a sensitive subject and I am in no way, shape, or form a fitness blogger, but I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback I’ve received. I’m just a girl’s-girl and I am happy to share what works for me. In fact, you can always count on that in my blog because I feel that the ONLY thing I am truly an “expert” on is my own life. So that’s whatcha get. If you want a design expert, check out Gwen at (I DREAM of my home looking that amazing!), if you want a makeup expert, go to (she was an Allure Magazine blogger of the year!), if you want unphotoshopped iPhone camera pictures of a random day in the life of a real mom in Kansas, that’s me! (I’m so glad you’re here!)

Which leads me to my point: I recently posted a vacation picture of myself on my social media and I got a few comments from other mommy friends about my abs. To which of course I replied that I was totally (obviously) flexing.

Here’s the picture:

I wanted to show off my new Victoria’s Secret swimsuit (my first non-Target swimsuit ever) and my favorite Stella and Dot Getaway Bag (buy one now and get a Hang-On travel bag for FREE, people! Hello stylish summer trips!) and I ended up feeling like I was being something I’m not, because truthfully since my 2nd baby was born, I have probably averaged going to the gym like, once or twice a week and I don’t do “ab excercises” so the tone is really just from lifting my kids and eating in moderation (which I haven’t always done in the past.)

As I was looking through pictures last night on my husband’s phone for my upcoming Getaway: Arizona Biltmore post, I came across a picture of myself with Avery just chilling by the pool.

Here it is:

Normal, unflexed midsection

These pictures were both taken after two weeks of low-carb dieting and a particular bikini-ready skin regimen (which I will share shortly.) I’m almost thirty years old but it’s taken me this long to learn that comparing myself to anyone but me is a waste of energy.

I saved this text to my best friend Lauren right before Savannah was born (file this as reason 673 that I love Lauren) and it just reminds me that I’ve come a long way after having my second child 9 months ago:

You can always count on me to keep it real. As a true girl’s-girl, my advice to my nieces and daughters will always be to stop trying to compare yourself to others. I did that for a long time and the only thing it got me was unhealthy and unhappy.

So because I always love to get the scoop, here are a couple of things that helped me get ready for my vacation. 

P. S. Tell me your pre-vacation prep tips, I’d love to know!

I highly recommend the Bath & Body Works line of self-tanners. They don’t make you smell like cat food.

I also got this brush at Target and I use it to “dry brush” before I get in the shower. Supposedly it helps with cellulite. (Dad, aren’t you glad you subscribe to my blog???)

I have also been using this Nip+Fab Tummy Fix (from Target) to make it look less like I brought two 8lb 10 oz humans into the world in the last 3 years. I never know if this stuff really helps or if it’s just the low-carbing it, but as I said, I’m keeping it real here.

These are my favorite thing. Like ever. They satisfy my (near-insatiable) sweet tooth but I don’t feel like they are full of chemicals like typical “diet” candy bars.

I’m excited to share more fun vacation pictures with you all soon. Look for my upcoming post about our trip to the Arizona Biltmore and our stay at their luxury boutique resort Ocatilla!

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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