MommyStyle: Simple Mommy Uniform

I get a lot of suggestions for posts about how to streamline your routine so you can get out the door quickly without sacrificing style. Enter the Mommy Uniform. The great thing about having a Mommy Uniform is that you don’t have to think too much about what to wear for your daily errands and outtings. I like knowing that I have a basic go-to look that feels authentic to me and makes me feel like I’m comfortable but still look pulled together if I run into someone I’m not expecting to see. Your mommy uniform can be anything you like and you can change it up depending on the season. In Fall and Winter I’d probably do the same exact thing only with riding boots and a chunky knit cardigan. Here’s my simple, all-season mommy uniform:

One – Basic White Tee but it has to be thin fabric…the Mudd brand in the Juniors Dept at Kohl’s are great.

Two – Else jeans. I’m obsessed with these jeans. I have one pair and I’m going to get an identical one because I’ve worn them to death.

Three – Cheap Sunglasses. Go to Dollar Tree or Forever 21 for the best finds under $5.

Four – Tieks are pricey but so so worth it. I have walked miles at a time in these things and they are just as comfy as gym shoes but much cuter.

Five – Tia crossbody. Has a side zipper to double the space so you can fit diapers, wipes, keys, lipgloss, credit card holder, etc, all hands free. Bonus: it doubles as a clutch for date night.

Six – Michael Kors watch. Can’t go wrong with any of them. I feel like everyone has one now but they are timeless and relatively affordable for something nice that you can dress up or down. 

Seven – Kahlo Bib necklace in Mixed Metals. I’m a big believer that throwing on a statement necklace with a t-shirt is the best way to look pulled together with the least amount of effort. You shouldn’t save your statement pieces for special occasions, but wear them every day as part of your signature look. Life is short! Wear your good stuff!

Eight – Suave Dry Shampoo. I’ve tried more expensive hair powders and dry shampoo and haven’t found any that stack up. It’s especially great if you are having a TERRIBLE hair day because you can spray the heck out of your hair and do a cute ponytail with lots of volume because your hair will feel three times thicker.

Coming up in my life:

We are in the process of moving and I ran out of boxes so I’m just stuffing things in garbage bags. I think everything is going to be broken. I’m tempted to just burn it and start over.

I’m going on a work trip for Stella and Dot and I get to see one of my besties! My face is gonna be ALL UP in yo Instagrammies (said in Tom Haverford’s voice from Parks and Rec.) You can follow me @MrsKansasMommy for up-to-the-minute shots of things like food! My face! Me stuffing my face with food!

Which reminds me of this thing I saw on Pinterest last night that made me laugh:


Hearing from you always makes my day:

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