My Life In Nail Polish

I have a friend who is a nail polish snob. Let’s call her “Erin” (because that is her name.) She is an expert on all the newest trends and years ago we bonded over our love of OPI Bubble Bath which is, as everyone knows, the perfect neutral.

I have a lot of memories with OPI, some good, some not so good. Remember the Lincoln Park After Dark craze? I was in the middle of a manicure, with one hand in a bowl of water when I got the call that my grandpa was dying and I needed to get there now. The manicurist overheard my call and let me leave without paying. I just got up with one wet hand and rushed out. I always think of that day when I see that shade. I intended to get married in Bubble Bath, but they didn’t have it, so I got married in Sweetheart. I vacationed in Maui in Peru-B-Ruby. I think the genius of OPI is in the names. It’s the only way I could remember all those details.

Anyway, “Erin” was over the other week and asked me if I was wearing “You Don’t Know Jacques!” which I wasn’t, but even to her trained eye it looked legit. I had recently overheard another friend at Junior League talking about that shade as well, saying it was her new favorite for fall. Well it turns out I was wearing Wet n’ Wild Megalast in Wet Cement, which is MY new favorite, considering I gave up manicures and $8 nail polish when I became a full-time stay at home mommy. I think I paid $1.99 for it and it has been well worth the price. I still love OPI, but if you are just looking to try a new shade for fall, may I suggest the blandly named, Wet Cement at a drugstore near you (cue Debbie Downer theme song). Happy Saving!

OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

If you want to obsess over something meaningless for 3 minutes, try to take a “flattering” picture of your own hand.

Wet-n-Wild “Wet Cement”


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