Terrible Advice

As I was looking for a quote on Pinterest, I stumbled across a treasure trove of absolutely horrible advice. Can we, as women, (as my friend Amanda says) please stop telling eachother that the only way to see if someone loves you is to constantly let yourself be awful in front of them and see if they “embrace” it?

Not like I’m the perfect wife in general or anything, but when I was pregnant with our first daughter I was particularly heinous. I recall a time when I was watching Real Housewives on the couch and my husband was annoyed and asked me to change the channel. Naturally I picked up a book off the coffee table, tossed it across the room in his general direction and stormed upstairs crying. Don’t worry, it was a paperback. Obviously because he loves me he unloaded the dishwasher, went out and bought me flowers, and then spent the rest of the evening with his chin resting on his palms just listening intently to me talk about my feelings.


In reality he picked up the book, marked the chapter “Pregnancy Insanity” then marched upstairs and handed it to me and said, unsympathetically, “You dropped your book.”

Point being, he was not. having it. Note to women everywhere, men who love you will tell you to pull yourself together and move on when you are acting like a crazy person.

So that being said, here for your morning pleasure, is what I find to be some of the worst advice on Pinterest.

I think we need to raise our standards of “perfection” a little bit here. He could do all these things and still be Dexter. Just saying.

 So basically you’re saying you want someone to be with you who just wants to be with a terrible person? 

Yes, sometimes you should apologize. Or you are a jerk.

This is probably THE WORST advice I’ve ever heard. Try passionately taking out the garbage.

Also you might want to worry that we are fighting so much.

Logically, this is airtight.


Hearing from you always makes my day:

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