Actual Things.

Actual Things is a recurring segment where I record moments of our life for posterity.

photo (65)

This afternoon as I was pushing my girls (ages 3 and 1) in a pink racecar shopping cart through a crowded grocery store parking lot, a gentle rain started sprinkling down from the clouds. It felt warm and whimsical so I started humming the tune to that song, “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, Oh what a world it would beeee…” Then I got to the bridge and, thinking to myself that I was being a really fun mom, I sang out cheerily, “Standing outside with my mouth open wide!” Right then, Avery yelled out in this old-timey vaudeville voice, “IT’S RAINING MEN, EVERYBODY!”

Obviously the timing was hilariously unfortunate, but the “everybody” is what really killed me. I was laughing so hard in the car, she said, “Momma, you need a hankie to dry! those! tears!”

And those are the actual things.

2 thoughts on “Actual Things.

  1. It’s genetic. I have a 2-hour video of you at the age of maybe 1, eating a leisurely breakfast in your high chair. I also claimed that I was “documenting” things.

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