Fox Mornings: 5 Cool Games You Haven’t Heard Of Yet (a must-read if you’re shopping for older kids)


This morning I ventured over to Fox Mornings to show off holiday games/gift ideas, perfect for big family gatherings. If you’ve ever read any of my behind-the-scenes posts, it will not come as a surprise to you that I woke up at with searing pain in my throat and virtually non-existent air access in my sinuses. Continue reading

Getaway: 4th of July in Wisconsin


If you follow me on Instagram (@MrsKansasMommy) you were probably bombarded with 4th of July posts from me! At least once a year we do a trip with two of my sorority sisters (Katie and Regan) and our families. We all live in different cities so we take turns going to different locations. This year, we all met up in Wisconsin at a lake house for 4th of July weekend.

Couple of things about these people:

  1. Highly educated, successful, and responsible.
  2. Career-driven, well-respected professionals.
  3. Expert SNL-quoters who enjoy drinking on boats and general shenanigans. (Reason #3 is how I fit into this group. Obviously.)

Here are some fun pictures from our Independence Day Weekend 2016:

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Disney and San Antonio Pictures (Part 2)

More pictures from our Disney trip and several days spent in San Antonio this summer. It was just the right combo of commercialism, education, history and family fun.

DISNEY 2015 141

DISNEY 2015 144

DISNEY 2015 146

DISNEY 2015 147

DISNEY 2015 152

DISNEY 2015 158

DISNEY 2015 164

DISNEY 2015 174

DISNEY 2015 176

DISNEY 2015 178

DISNEY 2015 181

DISNEY 2015 184

DISNEY 2015 188

“The sky’s awake! So I’m awake! Do you wanna built a snowman?”

DISNEY 2015 191

DISNEY 2015 192

DISNEY 2015 195

DISNEY 2015 201

DISNEY 2015 204

DISNEY 2015 206

DISNEY 2015 212

DISNEY 2015 219

DISNEY 2015 221

DISNEY 2015 222

DISNEY 2015 224

DISNEY 2015 225

DISNEY 2015 226

DISNEY 2015 229

DISNEY 2015 231

DISNEY 2015 233

Special shout out to the Grand Hyatt San Antonio Riverwalk for treating my kids like celebrities. They gave them cowboy hats upon arrival, turned on cartoons in the concierge suite where we had breakfast each morning, and sent up cookies and milk in a champagne bucket. They thought it was THE FANCIEST. (And so did I!)

Fourth Family Fun

4th of July

Sedgwick, Kansas

For 4th of July this year we went to my sister’s house in the tiny town of Sedgwick, Kansas! I love coming from a big family. Since I’m the baby of 4, when we get together we just pack the house, stock the fridge, and hang out laughing, talking, swimming, and usually at some point, singing and dancing.  Here are some memories I captured over Independence Day weekend:

July 2015 138

July 2015 144

July 2015 146

July 2015 149  July 2015 163 July 2015 168 July 2015 170 July 2015 182 July 2015 185 July 2015 200 July 2015 201 July 2015 224 July 2015 227 July 2015 238 July 2015 244

July 2015 255

The morning after:

July 2015 254

Family Fun: Kolton’s Football Game in Tulsa

My baby nephew Kolton is turning 20 this week! You may remember my Graduation Letter to him from the blog a few months back. Fun fact: I’m closer in age to my nieces and nephews than I am to my siblings. When my 3 nieces and my nephew were babies I would snuggle them and entertain them for hours on end. I was head over heels in love with those little babies the way only a ten year old girl can be. I wrote poems about them, sang to them, tried to teach them tricks, changed diapers, carried them everywhere on my hip and loved every minute of it. Throughout the years I’ve tried to be as involved as possible. I’ve gone to countless sporting events, choir shows, school plays, livestock competitions and the like. When my nieces started high school they naturally pulled closer to me and our dynamic became more like girlfriends but with my nephew it was the opposite. I think boys kind of keep to themselves anyway at that age, but that’s why I’ve been SO excited to make a trip to visit him in Tulsa. He’s a grown guy now in college. My own college experience, it should be said for the record, was THE FUNNEST!!! So seeing him on the football field and getting a tour of where he lives left me feeling nostalgic and proud and all of those good things. Also when I see those dimples I automatically picture him like this:


Love you, KB! So glad you were born!



Tulsa Pics!

November 2013 TULSA 171

My Tulsa Game Day earrings are the Peacock Chandeliers from Stella and Dot, worn as a button stud! If you are so inclined, you can shop them at

November 2013 TULSA 186

A beautiful windy November day

November 2013 TULSA 172

My gorgeous niece Kallin. Look at that smile!

November 2013 TULSA 173

November 2013 TULSA 174

Kuhl Fam Cam!

November 2013 TULSA 175

November 2013 TULSA 176

I have to keep up my rep as an overbearing Aunt by ambushing him on the sidelines for a photo op.

November 2013 TULSA 191

Savvy and my Sis were quite the attraction!

November 2013 TULSA 177

Jumbotron time!

November 2013 TULSA 178

November 2013 TULSA 179

We stopped to take a picture of Savvy and when we turned around Avery was gone. This is where we found her!

November 2013 TULSA 180

The sweetest Tulsa Cheerleaders ever!

November 2013 TULSA 181

A rare picture of Savvy crying. It had been a VERY long day at this point.

November 2013 TULSA 187

Skelly Field

November 2013 TULSA 182

Basking in the glow of a Tulsa WIN

November 2013 TULSA 188

Pretty Momma

November 2013 TULSA 184

My mom even made her famous chocolate cake and brought it for him from Kansas City

November 2013 TULSA 185

Kolton’s roomie Jake joined us for dinner. Aren’t they too adorable?

November 2013 TULSA 189

The only time I look short

November 2013 TULSA 183

Our proud family after the game!